Monday, October 3, 2016

Student Council Begins


Student Council is well on its way. We have started this year of strong by talking about our Student Council Team Norms and how to be an effective leader. We are excited to have our Spirit Week at the end of the month. 

Our students are excited to do things a little different this year. Student Council has decided to take each IB Learner Profile and create an activity to teach our school what it means. This October we are focusing on Communicator. Each IB Learner Profile has been assigned to a Student Council member. They will be in charge of planning the entire event. Three other students will join the planning team. Students teaching students is our goal. 

Just last week, a teacher informed our Student Council that recycling was a problem in their classroom. Three members from Student Council made a movie to help students know what to recycle and what not to recycle. 

 Our students work hard to edit the video. 
 Collaboration is key!

We are excited to be leaders that seek to serve our student body. After all, we are one family under on Rainbow.

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